Easy smartphone parking via App

How to park with the app

Find parking
With the feature ”Nearby” in the app you can easily find nearby parking spots. On the map you can see the location and the address of the specific parking space. Once you find a parking close to your destination you can also see the necessary information including parking times, hourly rates and zone codes. With the feature ”All parking zones” you can search your city. For every city you can then search the address you would like to reach and find a parking spot close to your destination.

Start parking
Find your chosen parking by clicking ”Nearby”, search the list ”All parking zones” or by filling in the correct zone code. The zone code is found in the map next to ”Nearby”, in the list ”All parking zones” or on a sign not far from your car. If you recently parked on the same address, this parking spot is saved in your presets. While at it, you can easily change your automatic stop time as well. The automatic stop time is there for you in case you forget to terminate your parking manually. Go ahead and adjust your stop time, and then choose ”Choose car and park”. Done!

Extend your parking
Just like you can stop your parking before your estimated time is up, you can extend the time whenever you want to. The feature “Tickets” in the app shows your active parkings and allows you to extend or change your stop time. Please notice that some parking spots have a time limit that is beyond Parksters control.

This is Parkster

Park your car. Do what you have to do. Extend your parking time from whatever queue you are being held up in. Come back to your car when you need your car – not when the parking time tells you to. Parkster’s vision is convenient parking, free from parking meters. With Parkster you never pay more than what you would pay in the parking meter. At the end of the month, you receive a compiled bill. You can use Parkster’s services via the iOS & Android app.

This is how it all started
The year was 2010. One of the soon-to-be founders of Sweden’s most popular parking app was stuck at a meeting that never seemed to end. Finally back at his car, the parking fine was a fact. After a few too many fines the limit was reached. A solution was needed that had to be simple for everyone, everywhere. That was the seed that resulted in Parkster.


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